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December 6, 2007

Randomness and the Internet

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Taking a step back and examining my surfing habits, it is really interesting how random the logic of surfing can be. On a nightly basis, I am pretty basic in my initial web ritual:

  1. Myspace
  2. Facebook
  3. Gmail
  4. My Yahoo!
  6. Flickr

I also check Mashable,, and whatever news sites that mat strike my fancy in a particular evening. Aside from this though, I find places like this. I find LOLcats hysterical. Why? I really have no idea. I’m not a huge fan of cats, generally, but there is something so geeky about these pictures that I love. Via today, I ran into one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, which then led a friend of mine to offer this site as a further example of what was found on The randomness of YouTube, a place where I can find videos of James the Nintendo Nerd right next to one of my daughter. Of course, there’s also If I drink a new beer, I’m always sure to review the beer there and meander around the forums for a while. Oh, and food blogs – I love food blogs. Recipes, techniques, roadfood, foodporn, whatever – if it is food related, I’m for it.

I have a difficult time finishing books I start to read. I think it is because of the pace at which I surf, which has subsequently killed my attention span. I had this article sent to me this evening. Looks totally interesting to me, but have I read it yet? Nope. Because I was looking at this. Yup, pro wrestling – another interest. I used to be totally consumed with wrestling, but now it is a fleeting interest. Much like everything I do on the internet, but not really since I am totally consumed with the internet.


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