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January 6, 2008

Health Insurance

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I’ve been looking for alternative health insurance options.  My plan at work, while it covers us well, is quite expensive.  I came across this example and found it very funny:

Johnny has a medical bill that is $25,000.

First he has to meet his entire deductible of $250.

Then he has to pay a coinsurance amount of 20% or the next $5,000 ($1,000).  The insurance company will pay 80% of the next $5,000 ($4,000), and then the carrier will pay 100% up to the plan maximum.

Johnny’s maximum exposure (out of pocket) of the $25,000 medical bill is $1,250 (deductible and coinsurance).

Good thing Johnny had health insurance!

 OK, fine, I can see that Johnny’s out of pocket expenses coming to $1250 is better than $25,000, but what if Johnny is out of work?  There is an implied arrogance in the final exclamatory remark that I find insulting.  “Good thing Johnny had health insurance!” Right, because $1250 is a lot easier to pay back when you’ve just lost your auto industry job in Michigan with no signs of being rehired anytime soon.  We recently watched SiCKO and while I don’t agree with Michael Moore’s style of documentary, the film makes clear how really messed up our health insurance system is in this country versus those countries with nationalized health services.   There seems to be a general annoyance with the poor in this country that somehow makes it OK for the rich to think they’re better than others.  As though the people born into poor situations chose to be there, when each of us knows that this could never be the case.  SiCKO, if it does nothing else, tells us that the playing field is not level and that Johnny might not be that lucky to have health insurance!


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