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September 22, 2006

War games

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I need to read this book.

Click on the arcade link and you’re able to play a series of flash games that are based on war, more precisely, the current war on terror. Playing these games recalls the event of 9/11. Not explicitly, of course, you’re not asked to subvert the planes from crashing in to the world trade center, but in one of the games involves the gamer choosing between “proper” detainee treatment or torture – in a nod to Mortal Kombat, the only way to end this game is to perform a “fatality” of sorts by shooting the prisioner. This can only happen once the prisoner has been properly neglected, beaten, or overfed. Torture has been in the news lately (through the President’s desire to use terror on prisoners and the mainstream media’s lack of outrage against this).

This game not only puts a humorous spin on terror – it also exposes the frightening extremes that this type of humor can lead to. Sure, it’s funny to overfeed the silly lookin’ aye-rab, but too many donuts and his stomach begins to bloat. Soon enough, a gun shows up in corner for you to put this pathetic prisoner out of his misery. How dare he not take his donuts like a man – shoot his ass!

Of course, I’m sitting in my basement force feeding digital carbohydrates down a virtual terrorist’s gullet – a virtual terrorist who ressurects whenever I feel the urge to torture – or just play around. Kill one and another pops up in his place.


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